Hip Hop’s 15th Anniversary

Although the 50’s were well before my time, I have always been drawn to them. It just seemed like such a fun time. The dancing, the styles, everything about the fifties is just fun!

In 2000 I saw an add for the American Girl 50’s doll and fell in love. It hung on my fridge for months as I awaited Halloween. My oldest daughter was 3 at the time and she NEEDED that costume. I was a stay at home mom on a shoe string budget, so I had decided to make it myself. I looked at a pattern, but thought that it could be done better, so I made my own design including a waistband my mom had taught me how to do when I was young. I glued the leash as well as a hand cut felt poodle onto a full circle skirt and wallah I had my own design.

The next year I saw felt on sale and decided to see if I could make some extra money by selling them as children’s costumes for Halloween. I started by advertising on cork boards at the local grocery store and sold several skirts each year and really had fun doing it. In 2003 my mom, who was a huge eBay fan, convinced me to sell my skirts online. I was delighted to see so much interest in this fun idea.

I had started this venture thinking that it would be a Halloween thing, a little project for each year to earn some extra money, but soon realized after several requests from customers that this could be a year round venture. So, I began selling poodle skirts year round. We officially opened as a business in March of 2004. It was a one girl circus where I was doing everything from the shopping,sewing, shipping, and product research. We have grown over the years to employ 6 girls in the office and 10 girls who work from home. As we have grown we have searched out ways to improve the value we offer to our customers. In the process we have added new items each year that compliment the great product line our customers have come to love. Never being satisfied and always looking to improve our customers experience we have made many changes over the years from patterns to product suppliers, affecting all of our product line, not to mention the changes that have been made to the skirt that started it all. All done in an effort to be able to offer a great looking, high quality line of fifties apparel.

We continue to search out better methods and products to cater to our valued customers and now with our 15th anniversary this month, we plan to start a new line of 50’s costumes, as always to be produced with the highest of expectations of quality and value. We are excited about this new product line and invite you to Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the progress of our new designs including new petticoats, tops and more.

-Heidi Rosier