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Child Black – 50’s Crinoline Petticoat Slip


Our crinoline petticoats are full of magic and will add the perfect amount of fullness to your poodle skirt. The magic can also work on a dress that’s been in your closet for far too long.  These petticoats really shine!

Add just the perfect fullness to your poodle skirt with our crinoline petticoat. Our slips have 2 layers of netting and a soft underslip. Each layer has tiered layers to create fulness.

It takes two layers of netting made of satin, nylon and organza to create our perfect petticoats. We start with a soft undersliplayer for comfort and finish with a top crinoline layer for just the right amount of fullness. We dare you to resist the magic of our petticoats! Once you try one on we know you’ll be unable to resist twirling. Again, and again, and again!

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