Where in the World is Hip Hop 50s Shop?

Hip Hop 50s Shop’s Poodle Skirts and Outfits are sent across the world everyday. We love seeing out customers pictures as they show off their classic outfits in some of the most well known (and unknown) places around the world. We are excited to share some of our favorites with your, feel free to send in your submissions to contact@HipHop50sShop.com, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

– Ally N. Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom
Ally brought her classic outfit to the place where dreams come true and looked absolutely stunning in it. Like a true 50s Princess.

– Mike and Heidi R. Corvette Diner, San Diego, California
Mike, Heidi & their family, showed off their Hip Hop 50s Shop swag at the cutest 50s Diner, Corvette’s located in San Deigo.