Toddler 3 pc 50’s Accessory Set


Our 3-piece accessory set is exactly what you need to get the finishing touches on your vintage 50s look allowing you to create a complete coordinated look!

Ships From USA Within 1 Business Day
Standard Estimated: February 5th
Priority Estimated: February 1st
Two Day Guaranteed: January 29th
Overnight Guaranteed: January 28th

Product Details

  • Chiffon Scarf
  • Cat Eye Glasses
  • Bobby Socks with poodle applique`
Young girls wearing 50's poodle skirts

Lovingly Handmade in the USA

Our unique poodle skirts are handmade by expert seamstresses in the USA. They hand-cut each skirt from 100% acrylic felt, ensuring an authentic vintage look. Our seamstresses also add the poodle applique themselves.

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